Creative Furniture Decoration for Kids Room

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It is very difficult to design and decorate kids’ room. We are familiar with office decoration, home decoration or antique furniture decoration but here we face some difficulties with kids’ furniture decoration because kids are active and creative.

What comes in mind when we go to decorate a room or furniture of a kid? I think it is the basic question which gives us right direction. Yes, kids are not like a normal person. They are very soft, innocent and creative.

I personally think that kids are creative so, their rooms design also should be creative. What have to do and think during the kids’ room decoration, follow some suggestive steps.

I suggest that kids study room and sleeping room should be separate and ventilated. It can be small but every things of the room should be in right manner.

We should never use tiles in the wall of kid’s room. The wall should be painted with colourful color. On the roof, there should be a creative light decoration. Colour of walls should be very deep because kids are needed of it. Normally, you should choose deep red or deep sky colour for wall painting.

Furniture of kid’s room should be also like cartoons. They should be made of wood and design should be creative. You should choose small furniture for tables and chairs also.

Now come to the kid’s bed room decoration. Bedroom also should be the same with study room but here all the unnecessary things should be in Almirah. You can use creative paintings also on the wall. There should be a sleeping bed only here.

All these furniture and wall decorations will make your child happiest and creative. A creative situation leads the steps of another creative invention. So, all these are necessary for your child.


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