Antique Furniture for Your Home Decoration

Monday, November 3, 2008

Furniture plays a great role in deciding the look a home. A perfect set of furniture can make your home looks fantastic. It can be by the selection and arrangements of furniture. But here I am talking about antique furniture which is in your home and it can be pride and honor for you.
Antique Furniture Make Something Special:

These are rare collectibles, made of best quality of durable wood. Antique furniture fine with matching traditions of their time and age. They also show the rich heritage and history along with their quality. They are unique and special because a history are associated with them.

Antique furniture collections can be categorized on their periods, age or styles. Some important and famous classifications are:

Gothic - Antique furniture in this Gothic classification is influenced by church architecture. The style is specially for arches, counterbalancing buttresses, open tracery and vertical grandiose emphasis.

Renaissance – It comes from Italian Renaissance style. It is mainly oak functional furniture with scroll and arabesque carving. It has horizontal emphasis.

Early Colonial – These are Great Chairs which start making their way into American homes.

In the last we can say Antique furniture collections are made for beauty, comfort and knowledge of interiors. People can be interested in antique furniture due to their masterpiece in carving. Antique furniture posses nice design, style and value. They do not change with a time period.


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