Traditional and Modern Furniture Styles for Home Decoration

Monday, March 29, 2010

There is a great demand of styling furniture with traditional and modern concept for home decoration. I already have shared my opinion about a modern concept of the furniture decoration in my previous post of the blog. However, I had given my opinions about - fantasy decoration, eco-friendly decoration, creative decoration, tropical decoration etc.

Now, I will try to give something new to you about the traditional and modern furniture style for home decoration. You can mix traditional furniture with your modern decoration.

The concept combines with modern furniture and accessories with your traditional decoration of home. It is the basic idea of upgrading your home’s looks and styles.

At first, there should some space for primarily modern or primarily traditional in your home. You should figure out modern space with antique accents. Now, you should look at the visual attributes of a piece of furniture.

In the second aspect, you should choose pattern of furniture. Now, tie in pieces of different styles through their shapes. You can differentiate them with material or color and texture also.

Now, you should decide about kinds of harmony or contrast. If you want a restful look, select furniture pieces that are more alike. Modern sensibility of furniture should be made of wood.

For contrast and excitement, juxtapose colors and textures; you should choose traditional styles of furniture for your home decoration.

Finally, you should decide that which elements are important to you. You can choose different styles together with the same color, texture, or shape.

In the final stage, you should choose harmony or contrast when you mix different styles creating the best visual aspect.

If you mix your traditional styles with modern furniture in decorating your home, your home will give a visual aspect of formal quality and design. Let it try once. If you get succeed, let me know your opinions.
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