Traditional and Modern Furniture Styles for Home Decoration

Monday, March 29, 2010

There is a great demand of styling furniture with traditional and modern concept for home decoration. I already have shared my opinion about a modern concept of the furniture decoration in my previous post of the blog. However, I had given my opinions about - fantasy decoration, eco-friendly decoration, creative decoration, tropical decoration etc.

Now, I will try to give something new to you about the traditional and modern furniture style for home decoration. You can mix traditional furniture with your modern decoration.

The concept combines with modern furniture and accessories with your traditional decoration of home. It is the basic idea of upgrading your home’s looks and styles.

At first, there should some space for primarily modern or primarily traditional in your home. You should figure out modern space with antique accents. Now, you should look at the visual attributes of a piece of furniture.

In the second aspect, you should choose pattern of furniture. Now, tie in pieces of different styles through their shapes. You can differentiate them with material or color and texture also.

Now, you should decide about kinds of harmony or contrast. If you want a restful look, select furniture pieces that are more alike. Modern sensibility of furniture should be made of wood.

For contrast and excitement, juxtapose colors and textures; you should choose traditional styles of furniture for your home decoration.

Finally, you should decide that which elements are important to you. You can choose different styles together with the same color, texture, or shape.

In the final stage, you should choose harmony or contrast when you mix different styles creating the best visual aspect.

If you mix your traditional styles with modern furniture in decorating your home, your home will give a visual aspect of formal quality and design. Let it try once. If you get succeed, let me know your opinions.
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A Modern Concept on the Furniture Decoration for Home

Monday, November 30, 2009

There is nothing big differences between modern concept and traditional concept about the furniture decoration for home. Despite it, modern concept of furniture decoration contains many things such as – fantasy decoration, eco-friendly decoration, creative decoration, tropical decoration etc.

On the other hand, there is no biggest aspect about the traditional furniture decoration for home. Traditional decoration has always been narrower in every aspect – decoration, concept, logic and style.

In the modern concept of furniture decoration for home, we need to know about many things and many aspects of furniture and home – both. We should begin with furniture for the modern concept of decoration.


In the modern concept of decoration, you can choose the type of furniture, mode of furniture, style of furniture, size of furniture and looks of furniture.


Home is the basic aspect of furniture so, it is known as the deciding aspect in the decoration. You have to consider your size of house, colors of house, structure of house and looks of house.

These are the basic aspect of the decoration which is included in the modern concept. Now, you can classify your thought according to the furniture and home.
In the modern world, the most demanded furniture should correlate with the design of house. Now a question comes in your mind; from where I should start. Yes, I am always with the question.

From my aspect, I always suggest you to start from your home. At first, you should asses your room’s need. What types of your room are? What the looks of your room is?
If you analyze your room perfectly, your decision will always be the best for your furniture also. In the furniture selection, there is nothing but your decision. You just have to give an eye on your house. You just have to think once about your suitable decoration for furniture.
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Fantasy Bedrooms and Beds for Your Kids

Thursday, October 29, 2009

In my previous post, creative furniture decoration for kid’s room, I had already told you about the decoration of furniture for kid’s room. In this post, I had shared some creative opinions for creative decoration for kid’s room.

Now, I want to share about fantasy bedrooms and beds for your kids. What do you think about fantasy bedrooms? Have you any ideas about fantasy beds for your kids? I think every family needs to know the answer of these questions.

Fantasy is the terms of imagination. The word of fantasy bedrooms and beds is used as creative bedrooms and beds, according to me. I think every kid need some fantasy words, things, stuffs and books. So, I have decided to share some opinions about fantasy beds and bedrooms.

Yes, I am talking about that room where your kid’s imagination and fun can run. There are many books such as – Champak, Nandan, BAL Hans etc. but they are only attached with your kid’s spiritual. They are not able to touch your kid’s physical imaginary.

I think each parents can help their children to fulfill their dreams to decorate a wonderful fantasy beds and bedrooms. This can be a single room where everything will be available such as children books, traditional woods furniture, creative colors and imaginary decoration of the room.

Small and creative furniture are considered as fantasy beds. An imaginary decoration of rooms can be also considered as fantasy bedroom. The bedroom will contain lots of imagination and creative design. The bedroom will be filled by different small and creative furniture also.

Whole things of a room will take place as fantasy beds and bedrooms. Overall, creative imagination to d├ęcor home and furniture of a kid will be known as the decoration of fantasy beds and bedrooms. These can be helpful to increase your children imagination.
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