On the Antique Furniture

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We never thought that antique furniture are able to manage humidity which are normally too high or too low. Woods are able to expand in its width and thickness to make a significant adjustment in its length.

There is a simple formula that if outside is cold and inside is warm then joints, warping, splitting & cracking and torn veneers may cause of shrinking timber.

In the human intervention we include that events over a period of time impart a unique and quality piece of furniture.

Here is our big aim when we have antique furniture, it is very necessary to mention it. Antique furniture has some problem with those family who have not used it’s previously.

When furniture always moves then it can be damage. To avoid the situation there are some embarrassing moments:

Furniture should always lift by scientifically and logically by its instruments. To lift it there are many techniques and technology also when we sift one place to another.

Principally, furniture should be never dragged. This practice damages the surface. To protect you can bruises from polish without removing surface. On the curtains drawing can be a simple remedy for it. During the polish you need to keep it in direct sun. Sun should be passed with polish furniture.

These are the unforgettable and realistic experiences with antique furniture. Generally, we ignore it because we don’t know it scientifically. In which places furniture is as a decorating object, it should be in proper and scientific way.


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